Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was our first Saturday (Zaterdag) in Delft, and that meant a day to sleep in and explore. Being Saturday, there was a market held in town that looked much busier than Thursday’s market. Mari, Suzie, and I went in search of some Dutch street food and found Kibbeling. Kibbeling is a snack of fried fish pieces, and apparently referred to as a Dutch “fast food.” It came with a sweet garlic sauce and was delicious.

Later in the day the group wanted to visit the local parks by fietsen. The parks were small, but full of various flora. Apparently the parks are where the younger people like to hang out. I really enjoy the ease of biking around Delft with the bike paths and relatively flat land. The saddle bags are also a great help for carrying around a day’s worth of shopping. It makes me wish the Tampa Bay area had something similar. The elevation is similar to the Netherlands, but the car traffic is not. Despite that I’m aiming to make use of my bike more at home (especially with my fancy new 8 EUR saddlebags).

Over the canal and through the woods
Which way?
All that biking works up an appetite, so the group headed into town for a late-night meal. After circling the area a few times, we found a great Egyptian place and I think Anh wanted to win his meal’s money back from a game machine in the corner…

How do you know when you win?

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