Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rijkswaterstaat and Den Haag

The second week at IHE started with the lectures given by Mr. Stan Bronson (the executive director of Florida Earth Foundation) and Dr. .Garth Redfield about Florida water management, natural preservation,  flood history in south florida, and effect of climate change (sorry >) I  can't remember all of them) . It's really interesting for me to learn about the way they preserve the natural environment while dealing with the pollution issues coming from industrial sector such as sugar cane factories. 
Lunch at IHE. Anton always has a big meal for lunch (super huge meal for dinner), that's why he's so tall
After the morning lectures, we had lunch at IHE. At IHE, they have a cafeteria which is open from 12.05 pm till 1.30 pm every week day. So people at IHE can buy their lunch withreasonable prices,around 5 euro/1 meal which includes sandwich, salad and soup (normally chicken or beef) or a dish of fish (meat), fries and vegetables. The menu changes a little bit each day. According to my colleges, the food here is pretty good. However, because of global economic downturn ( >) ), I still pack my own lunch every day (except today, because I thought we would have a lunch reception, poor me T.T). Lunch at IHE is pretty fun for us, we can sit down together, chat and ask each other about how they do in the lab in the morning or plan for doing something fun in the evening or weekend, etc.
Then in the afternoon, we had  the first field trip to Rijkswaterstaat at Den Haag where we had very interesting presentation and talks about water management and water management policy in Netherlands and EU countries. (the photos and interview with people at Rijkswaterstaat will come later).
Security check at Province of Holland Zuid where Rijkswaterstaat is located
After the talks at Rijkswaterstaat, we had some fun time walking around Den Haag city. Here are some pictures . More will come nex time because I have to go to check on my laundry :D. See you next time...Dag and Tot ziens :)


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