Friday, April 30, 2010

Mike performs Dutch song

One year later...

Last year's team member, Mike Gerdjikian, with his incredible memory, was able to recite the funny Dutch song taught by language instructor Frank Hartvelt last year. The song had to do with two bears seen buttering their bread (broodje), and what a humorous and miraculous sight it was, etc.

(The shaky camera work was due to the photographer's emotional response to the song)

Good job Mike

Passing of the torch

The 2010 is in place and ready to depart next week. Last week, We Were Able to bring back the 2009 team for a reunion and a mentoring session with the 2010 team for advice and knowledge transfer. It was great. The students are (lr), with affiliations and Their status or ash Each year's program:

2009 team: Sam Chiu (BS, CEE), Michael Gerdjikian (BS, CEE), Robert Bair (BS, ES & P), Dipesh Dey (Ph.D., CEE), Wendy Musso Line (PhD, GH, team leader ).

2010 team: Ana Prieto (Ph.D., CEE, team leader), Deanna Shapiro (BS, CEE), Audrey Buttice (PhD, ChBE), Ivy Cormier (MS, CEE), Laurel Rowse (PCMI, CEE), Ken Thomas (Ph.D., CEE)

CEE - Civil & Environmental Engineering
ES & P - Environmental Science & Policy
GH - Global Health
ChBE - Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
PCMI - Peace Corps Masters International Program

Good luck 2010 team

Author: Dipesh Dey

Good luck to all you 2010 team. Enjoy yourselves studying and traveling around.
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