Monday, May 23, 2011

The price for a long history

Wildlife is decidedly absent from the Netherlands.  Walking around the most common wildlife species you see are pigeons.  Sure there are three types of pigeons and two types of doves but they aren't very interesting (to me at least).  Different types of waterfowl are also common some ducks, geese, and I've seen a plover.  I have also seen Magpies (which I found really exciting) but I haven't gotten a good picture of one yet.  What I find very odd is a lack of squirrels.  Even in the most metropolitan areas in the US you find grey squirrels.  It's like there are no rodents here at all but really the problem is that most of the wildlife has gone extinct.

During our visit to Rijkswaterstaat today we were told that any natural habitat that you find in the Netherlands has basically been created or modified by the Dutch.  I suppose that is what happens when you've been living in a small country.  And a country that requires such intense engineering projects simply to provide enough dry land for the human population.  Little room is left for wildlife.  Luckily from what we heard today the Dutch are working to preserve some land for wildlife even if it is man made habitat.

Eurasian Coot

Geese, Mallard Ducks, Pigeons, etc.


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