Thursday, May 19, 2011


We found the roof!! After 15 minutes of exploration and a bit of confusion, we found the escape hatch leading to the roof. We didn't stay long because apparently the roof is especially prone to the high winds... However, we found the ping-pong room in the process. I am proud to announce that I was victorious over three different people from three different cultures - very proud moments..

Having a few hours off from working, we ventured into Delft. There are striking similarities between our cultures, yet several things are just...different. For instance, we saw a wild swan today in the middle of a crowded area - trying to take someone sandwich. The sheer size of this dude was unsettling, because I think it could take sandwiches by force if it wanted to. Notice that he towers over the two foot bench - that's a big bird.

Of all the buildings, the Nieuwe Kerk fascinates me the most. It's history is quite intriguing, as its been nearly destroyed twice in its long history. Built in the 1300s, it's survived and holds daily tours and Sunday services. It's quite a sight (although it was built a little bit crooked). We will be off to the Thursday market later today!


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