Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I traveled to Dura Vermeer in Hoofddorp, a construction and infrastructure company. The office building is about 40 minutes from Delft by train, and I learned that commuting an hour or so to work is common in the Netherlands. Sounds similar to the US, except for the modal choice breakdown for transportation.

A growing Hoofddorp (near train station)
Another common feature seems to be shared workspaces, where desks or workstations are available for whoever is working in the building that day. It’s a great idea, especially when so many people seems to split their time between different jobs, and I assume it can also allow for networking and brainstorming with your neighbors.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with both the UNESCO-IHE and Dura Vermeer. I believe that between commuting to Hoofddorp and visiting additional water sites, I should be an expert at the train system in no time and ready to undertake longer travel adventures.


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