Monday, May 30, 2011

Trip to get vegetative walls

This morning I went to go pick up my vegetative walls!  It was about a 45 minute journey to Leersum which is located outside of Utretch.  The country side is much different in the middle of the country.  The terrain had more hills and there were more wooded areas.  Near the facility there were even hiking trails.  It seems like a perfect place to have a plant nursery it was absolutely beautiful out there.

The panels were not exactly what I was expecting.  They are fairly large and can hold 40 plant plugs.  We picked up panels in different stages of use.  There are two panels with plants, two with only soil, and one with a different media.  One of the panels with soil is going to be emptied out and filled with an expanded clay medium. 

Now I need to get them set up for testing.  I have to figure out how to get them raised slightly off the ground and find a pump for them.  So…of to the lab!
 This is what a bunch of panels look like together.

The panels on one of the buildings at Mobilane.


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