Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lab time

Today I began working with Marco Pinna a student from Italy working on horizontal wetlands.  I am shadowing him to learn the techniques I will use for the vertical wetlands.  It was interesting to see the methodology for lab work in the Netherlands is similar to the methods at USF for some tests but different for others.  For example we worked on ammonia testing which they do basically from scratch mixing and combining all the reagents.  In the USF labs we typically use Hach or Orbecco test kits.  We also learned how to do BOD and the methods for this are basically identical to how we do it at USF.

We also wandered around Delft a bit on our way to an upscale grocery store to gather some supplies.  There were lots of shops and restaurants, can’t wait to go back and visit a pastry shop, some of the pastries looked quite tasty.


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