Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2011 team has arrived

After long flights and a layover at Philly, the 2011 IRES team arrived at Delft, tired but excited.
Team members and topics are:
Kristen Andre (BSc) will be working on bioprecipitation of metal from wastewater using a sulfate-reducing inverse fluidized bed bioreactor
Caryssa Joustra (PhD) will be working on water resiliency of smart emergency shelters
Anh Do (PhD) will be working on treatment of leachate from gypsum wastes using sulfate reducing bacteria in bioreactors (UASB and AnMBR)
Anton Dapcic (BSc) will be working on sorption/desorption of copper on biosorbent (coconut shell) for treatment of gold mining wastewater in Ghana
Suzie Boxman (PhD) will be working on vertical wetland (vegetative walls) for domestic wastewater treatment
Mari Gonzalez (PhD) will be working on foulant characterization and pretreatment for seawater desalination
After dragging luggage through train stations, road construction and brick-lined walkways (really bad for those little wheels on luggage), the team arrived and checked in at UNESCO-IHE.
More to come…

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