Sunday, May 15, 2011

I shouldn't have gotten to the airport three hours early...

It's always tough to say goodbye to friends and family, but what an opportunity! Never did I expect, as an undergraduate, to be gifted with such a spectacular journey to not only better my knowledge of water quality, but also to satisfy my travel-bug in the process. My current mental picture of the Netherlands includes a 7 ft. tall Dutchman leaning on a windmill in a field of tulips, but I'm sure that this country has much, much more to offer!

I cannot wait for the challenges of research, the thrill of meeting others as interested in this craft as I, and the ability to draw on this experience for motivation and knowledge in my future endeavors. This trip will strengthen my laboratory-related abilities, my knowledge of the field, and possibly will spark an interest in a long-term project relating to my research this summer.

I am as excited as ever, and anticipating a thrilling journey. The only question left is:

Will I be the first to try raw herring?

Anton Dapcic

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