Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Bike Adventures

After lab training and lab tours yesterday, we decided to go bike shopping. Ahn's friend, Saul, suggested we go to a local used bike shop. We ended up buying 4 bikes which came with a 3 month guarantee as well as an option to sell them back at the end of the summer at half the price. My bike has pretty cool features that my bike back at home lacks. It came with a front and back light which is powered by generator attached to the wheels as they spin. Also, it has a back tire lock with a key as well as a cool bell that reminds me of the sound of ice cream carts. Now I feel like I belong! We put our bikes to good use and Caryssa and I took a trip out to IKEA which served as an awesome tour of Delft. We traveled past some cannons, under graffitied bridges, and through a shopping plaza. Luckily, we had Caryssa's phone maps to guide us or else I doubt we would have made it. (pictures of our bikes coming soon)



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