Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Ready

By Suzie

                As I’m finishing up packing (okay really starting to pack) I’m definitely wondering what life will really be like in the Netherlands.  I’m expecting it to be much colder than I’m used to so I’m brining plenty of warm clothing.  Hopefully not too much warm clothing because I know it will get warmer during our stay.  You can read about the weather all you want but it is still difficult to know what it will truly be like until you’re actually there.
                Besides the weather I’m also curious about the public transportation.  I have just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where I solely relied on public transportation.  I’m interested to compare what the Netherlands and surrounding Europe’s transportation to my experiences in D.C.  I imagine that it will be much more extensive and reliable than in Washington.  But, I also expect that the hours will be different.  In D.C. the trains run until at least 11pm and I do not expect the same in Europe so trips will need to be planned much more carefully.
                I am very excited to begin researching vertical wetlands and their potential applications.  I do not know too much about them yet but I am familiar with using plants to treat wastewater through my research on aquaponics. 
                I’m excited with a dash of nervous and I should really get to that packing…

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