Sunday, May 22, 2011

Research at Unesco-IHE

So we’ve been at Unesco-IHE for one week.  We had a lab training, group meeting with professors and lab mentors. The lab system in Unesco IHE is quite different from that in USF. Here at IHE, they have very friendly, nice group of lab staffs and analysts who always try to help and assist you to run the analytical instruments, prepare the chemical or lab stuffs  and even make the standards for you which is awesome. So you can focus 100% of your mind on your experiment, you don’t have to worry or spend time to fix a broken instruments or look for lab stuffs to order.  You never can expect that in USF where you have to do everything by yourself, except we also have a nice group of staffs who always assist us on ordering lab stuffs.
Pimluck, a PhD student in Dr. Lens's group and me in front of Pimluck's system for gypsum leachate treatment

Anyway, I had a first meeting with Pimluck, a PhD student in Dr. Lens's research group, to talk about the project we will work on this summer which is about gypsum leachate treatment. Pimluck was very nice to discuss with me about the project, show me the system she’s working on. I also had chances to test the AnMBR system which Ana built up last year. The system ran just fine but we might have to do some modification work that we think it might help to improve the efficiency of the system for gypsum leachate treatment. I believe we will have some good results by the end of this summer and I'm really longing for that.


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