Friday, May 20, 2011

Euro Days!

It’s Friday, and that (mostly) ends the first week of this trip. Things started off slowly, but now the research is starting to pick up. Next week is a tour of the Netherlands with a policy/law viewpoint regarding water, and I think it will be nice to be exposed to a different viewpoint on water.

After spending time at IHE, it was time for some food shopping. Mari and I stopped at C1000 in town. That grocery store is awesome. It’s the largest one we’ve found so far, so that makes it good for finding specific or hard-to-find items. You can only get so much at Aldi. It also seems that there’s a promotion going on where 100 store items are priced at 1 EUR. (International bargain-hunting!)

The produce department at C1000 was interesting. Each fruit or vegetable was labeled with a number. After observing other shoppers (which is the best way to find out what to do), it turns out that you bag your produce of choice, then take it over to an open register where it’s weighed. If you’re happy with how much is there, then you click a button to print out a barcode for your item. You can also find out where the credit card only lines are through the same stop-and-observe technique.

"Do what now?"

Price by number

Speaking of food, I found stroopwafels on day 1. Family back home asks if I’ve come across butterletter (botterletter?), but not yet. I got so excited when I remembered about chocolate letters, but that’s a holiday tradition that isn’t readily available during the summer. (Luckily there are plenty of other forms of chocolate around.)

I also stopped at Halfords to scope out bike lights. The ones on my bike aren’t working, so I decided on a retrofit solution (maybe not the first one this bike has seen). Now I should be ready for safe night-riding… for those few hours when the sun isn’t out.

Spot the working rear light. (Hint: It's not the brightest light in the frame.)

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