Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Evening of New Foods and Good Company

Saturday afternoon proved warm enough to spend some time outdoors! We found a several nice parks complete with biking trails, walking trails, gardens, greenhouses, peacocks, strange trees, and picnic areas (which we will soon be utilizing). It was a very nice trek, and we will be sure to find more parks and trails!

Our first Saturday evening in Delft proved to be an interesting adventure. The first lesson we learned is that there is no such thing as 'traditional Dutch food.' If there is, it is hidden. International food is the most prevalent here in Delft, and was our choice last night for a late dinner. Egyptian food is not a cuisine that I have ever tried, yet it proved to be some of the best food I've ever eaten. Hints of familiar spices coupled with new combinations formed a very tasty plate!

Our second noted lesson was that the nightlife is very strong in Delft, and they occupy every corner of the whole city. Everyone dresses nicely and spends time out front of pubs and bars just talking and laughing. Each and every table in Delft is jammed full of people, straining our search for food. In the future, we'll either have to go much earlier or cook ourselves. Either way, it was quite a scene!

There is so much we have yet to explore, and I can't wait for research to start! I am reading past experiments in preparation for my research to begin, and I still have more to read. I was able to read outside for 6 minutes before clouds and a bit of rain decided to appear and drive me back inside. In the following hours, I have experienced 3 seasons: sunny and warm, cloudy/rainy and cold, sunny/windy/cold, and I have no idea what the rest of Sunday will present weather-wise. Either way, there is work to be done! And I imagine that I will at one point  relieve some stress in the ping-pong-room!

More soon!


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