Friday, May 20, 2011

Research Beginnings and Cooking Adventures

I met with my advisor, Diederik Rousseau, yesterday and we discussed my research project for the summer.  

Me and Dr. Diederik Rousseau

I will be working with a vertical wetlands system from a manufacture in the Netherlands.  The wetlands are called Live Panels and produced by a company named Mobilane (  The company does not manufacture the panels for wastewater treatment specifically but hopefully my research this summer will show that the panels are in fact effective at treating grey water.  We haven’t received the panels yet but I can’t wait to go get them looking at the website they look fantastic.

I also did a little experimenting with unfamiliar vegetables today.  I bought these snijobonen at the grocery store the other day and have been trying to figure out the best way to cook them.  
Dutch String Beans, delicious boiled with salt, pepper, and butter

They are essentially green beans but they are the largest green bean I have ever seen.  I tried pan frying them earlier in the week but I wasn’t very happy with the result.  Today I boiled them and then they tasted very much like the green beans I’m used to.   


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