Sunday, May 9, 2010

Visit to Deltares

On Friday, we had the good fortune to join a tour co-organized by the IHE Hydroinformatics Program and the Florida Earth Foundation (Mr. Stan Bronson), on a visit to the Dutch research agency Deltares. Joining us on the tour were a number of American professionals primarily from the Dept. of Interior (USGS and Fish & Wildlife Service). Ivy and Audrey already described Deltares, so I will not go into detail here.

(The mission or Deltares is to "enable Delta Life "....)

(.... Through dual approaches of "high tech" and "high touch." Somehow "High Touch" was lost in translation from Dutch to English. Roughly It embodies concepts of "proactivity," "high quality," "hands on" "applied research" etc)

(We were here...)

(Group photo in front of HUGE open channel hydraulics testing apparatus)

Below are photos of the professionals and a short introduction/perspective from each person (Please visit our YouTube Channel for videos of conversations ):

(our Deltares host, Jamie Lescinski, engineering researcher and consultant)

(Pamela Repp, Asst Field Supervisor for Everglades Restoration, South Florida Ecological Services Office, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

(Jim Stefanov, Deputy Regional Executive, South-Central Geographic Area, USGS)

(left, Dr. Ronnie Best, Coordinator, Greater Everglades Science Program, USGS)

(center, Deltares host)

(right, Mr. Stan Bronson, Executive Director, Florida Earth Foundation)

(James Harris, Professional Biologist, US Fish and Wildlife Service)

(Kameran Onley, Associate VP, Environment and Energy, PBS&J)

(Dr. Dawn Lavoie, Gulf Coast Science Coordinator, USGS)

(Dr. Barbara Kleiss, Director Lousiana Coastal Area Science and Technology Program for the Mississippi Valley Division, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Mississippi River Commission) 
(Jim Boggs, Field Supervisor, Louisiana Field Office, Fish and Wildlife Service)

(Dr. Paul Kemp, VP Lousiana Coastal Initiative)
(De Shapiro, IRES Team Documentarian, filming the interviews)

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