Sunday, May 9, 2010

And it begins..

Today starts day 3 here in the Netherlands, but it feels like we've already been here for weeks! After very very little to no sleep on the flight over, we dove right into the Dutch culture.  Thursday we visited the market in the Delft central square area where we ALLLL tried the Dutch delicacy, pickled Herring.  The market was definitely something that I think we will revisit on Thursdays to come in the next 3 months, stock up on blocks of cheese and other essentials!

Audrey and I discovered quickly how important it is for us all to find bikes to travel around Delft.  Starved for food and still adjusting to the time change, we set out looking for food.  To our dismay we traveled the perimeter of the dorm, looking all over for any sign of food! Finally we found a "New York Pizzeria" which definitely hit the spot.  Now that we've been here a few days we've been able to figure out where more things are located and really get a sense of the area we're in.

Friday we joined a group who had been traveling and touring different sites in the Netherlands.  The group was very nice and shared their experiences from earlier in the week with us to sort of give us a hint of what we may expect next week as we do a similar tour.  Our visit to Deltares was SOOOO interesting! I think I can safely say that the topics discussed and presented to us got everyone a little excited for the possibilities of research! I know personally, since I will be just starting my own research this summer, the presentations made me want to do something amazing for my research.  Viewing their facilities and listening to the different projects they have done definitely excited the group and makes me anxious to get in the lab and hopefully be able to excite others with whatever I plan to research!

Friday night we had a farewell dinner for the group at IHE.  We met a group of IHE students who will be traveling to Florida in a few short weeks and were able to kind of swap stories or suggestions with one another.  (We are still trying to find bikes!! No luck thus far).

Yesterday, we made our first trip on our own.  With travel guide in hand we boarded the train, bought a bus ticket and made out way to Keukenhof, the famous Tulip gardens!  The trip was definitely a journey but it was wellll worth it!  There were so many gorgeous flowers, not to mention the amazing artwork and beautiful atmosphere!  I'm glad we got to see the tulips before the garden was shut down for the summer!

pictures coming soon!


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