Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2.5 weeks and counting


Since the premise of this past week was to finally get ourselves to work, that was exactly what we did. We finally met with our corresponding work team. I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Piet Lens and Dr. Amit Kumar, renown environmental scientists in the fields of anaerobic wastewater treatment and membrane biotechnology respectively. I'm not trying to get gain some advantage by complementing them (or am I?), however I feel very fortunate to work with such smart characters.
Other important remarks from last week were our visits to the east side of the country. Wageningen and Enschede are the locations of Wageningen University and NORIT office. Althought our vist to Wageningen was very interesting (refer to the picture below), I had much more productive time at Enschede since I got to see a AnMBR configuration similar to mine but larger!. Yes, the concept is working and I'm not crazy!. I will not discuss the specifics of this visit but I'd like to thank Harry Futselaar, his team at NORIT and the students at Saixon for hosting us.

 (Cow skeleton at Wageningen University)

 (NORIT's pilot plant)

It's working time from now on so don't expect any more goofy pictures (yeah right). For what I'm concerned there is not such a thing as super serious blogging, and believe me, Europe is fun.

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