Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hallo, dank je, alstublieft and OK


The days prior to the trip were pretty hectic, but it was completely worth it. Delft is a beautiful place, full of tall people and enormous birds (that somehow seem not like Dr. Yeh). In spite of the lack of sleep and a broken suitcase (yes, it was mine), walking around the brick streets is a very pleasing experience. Not to mention the very efficient public transportation and bike roads that cover the city. This place can catch the attention of anybody that steps on it.

(Arrival time at Schiphol airport, 1:30 AM Tampa time)


(Bird mad at Dr. Yeh)

There is also charm in being a complete stranger in such an amazing place. Everything becomes an exciting experience, even saying basic dutch words like hallo (hello), dank je (thank you), alstublieft (you're welcome) and OK (OK). This woman at the grocery store felt very comfortable speaking to me in Dutch after I helped her by lifting a box she dropped and rambled "alstublieft". It was here when I discovered that saying random Dutch words in a very confident manner can take you places.  However, I have to say that my very confident "hallo, koffie alstublieft" (hello, coffee please(or something like that)) didn't work when we entered to what it look like a coffee shop and resulted to be a fish shop. The people at this place laughed so shamelessly out my ignorance (of course, in dutch), that the only thing I could do was say "dank je", turn around and get out of there as fast as we could.

Another outstanding feature of the Netherlands are its flowers, which we had the opportunity to enjoy in a place called Keukenhof. Keukenhof is a magical place where all your girly dreams can come true. It's like Disney for women, only prettier and cheaper. There are flowers everywhere, beautiful gardens with all the possible types of tulips you can imagine. There is also a section for orchids only. I was completely fascinated, Nature really scored on this one. The best part is that this magnificent blooming happens once a year.

(All types of flowers blooming)

(I mean, all types of flowers!!)


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