Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Work Shoes

By: Ivy

Most of this weekend I have spent in my room working on my thesis project in the hopes of graduating this summer.... this, as you can imagine, has not been all that exciting. But since the sun has been out both Saturday and Sunday, it was inevitable that I would steal away from the computer screen to work on my Dutch assimilation......

The infamous wooden shoe apparently has been used in the rural part of the country as an outdoor shoe. They are carved slightly bigger than ones normal shoes, so that when one goes out to work in the garden planting tulips, one's Reeboks do not getting muddy. The wooden shoes are meant for working!

With productivity in mind, I bought myself some work shoes. Mine are more cotton than wood and more designed for lounging than working, but I am sure they are working shoes. They have been nothing but motivation to work, work, work....

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