Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Almost Time!

By Ivy

I'll be arriving at the Tampa airport about 24 hours from now... bags in hand, butterflies in stomach, Dutch on the lips... well, at least my bags are packed...

I've recently left my job for this chance to learn from and conduct research with our Dutch colleagues, and although it was a little nerve-racking, I think it was a great decision. Change isn't always easy, but that's what makes it exciting.

I've traveled a bit in the past, so I'm less concerned about the traveling aspect as I am about the trying-to-graduate-and-learn-new-lab-methods aspect. I will be trying to finish up my Master's thesis this summer, while also taking in as much European culture as I can. My lab experience is also limited, so I am a bit intimidated by the idea of being in a lab full-time. On the other hand, this is exactly why I came back to school: to gain more lab research experience and further my understanding of text book concepts.

From what I've heard, Holland is a beautiful place with much to offer. I'm ready to jump right in... and maybe even try some pickled fish...

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