Saturday, May 15, 2010

I got a bike!!

Yesterday I was successful in finding a decent bike to buy!  From the very beginning, we all knew that buying a bike for our 3 month visit was going to be key in gaining the full experience and being able to travel to all of our destinations around Delft with ease.  Audrey joined me on our journey to Schiedam-Nieuwland where we obtained the bike. 

Today, Audrey and I set out on our first bike ride.. yikkkess!! Let's just say, riding a bike in Holland is much different than riding a bike in Florida!  While the idea is the same, the other bicyclists are much more experienced and there is more traffic (whether cars, pedestrians or other bikes).  We decided to stick to back roads for now until we get used to how things work!  Today was a great start in our efforts to really immerse ourselves in the Dutch culture.  Can't wait to see where my new bike will take me!

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