Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I feel like I am being crushed between two walls. I have so much schoolwork to finish between now and Wed. morning. My entire month has been like this. I have to mandate to myself I am going to do at least one thing fun every day, otherwise I would not survive this week.

I am trying to take my bike with me to Delft, which will be interesting. I took it apart today with some help at the bike coop in Tampa, and we'll see if the airlines charge me an arm and a leg to get it to Delft. If they do, I'll leave it here.

I will be serving with the Peace Corps in August, and I have not heard yet where I will be Placed. Peace Corps informs you only by mail about that, and I am pretty sure I won't hear before I leave. Therefore, it will be interesting for either my roommates to receive my packet and open it and then let me know or for Peace Corps to mail it overseas to me in Delft. Either way, it looks like I will get the news while I am in Delft. Looking forward to hearing where I will spend the next 2 years!


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