Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Workplaces

Wednesday was spent in Hoofddorp at Dura Vermeer. I appreciate being able to work with the team there, and everyone always has time for a quick hello. So far most people we've come across seem to enjoy life. It might have something to do with the bright and inviting decor at work.

Dura Vermeer shared workspaces
The fancy coffee machines don't hurt either.

...and I don't normally drink coffee
I spent time focusing the scope of my research project on smart shelters. The project is missing a technology and best practices review, so I have been collecting papers to build on that information. I think that a lot of the sustainable practices used in buildings can also be applied to the shelters, but the primary function of a technology may need to change. Technologies with multiple benefits or uses (such as green roofs) will probably tend to be the better features for smart shelters, as they are for sustainable design.

I have also been looking into Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, or other similar systems. Most emergency shelters focus on the short-term survival needs of people; but safety, self-fulfillment, and other higher needs should also be considered for proposed shelter functions, especially for longer stays.


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