Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our regular workday at IHE (celebrate the 50th blog)

Mari: here I'm setting up my "homemade" hollow fiber membranes for a coagulation/filtration experiment. The hardest part is trying to get all of the air bubbles out before filtration or else my pressure readings will be off!! First I flush my membranes with milli-q water, then artificial seawater, and finally seawater with iron for coagulation experiments.

Caryssa: This morning I coorindated with Leah about case study visits over the next couple weeks, and spent the rest of the day working on creating a framework for shelter design and implementation  (Sorry, no fancy experiements to see... but interesting site visit pictures in the coming weeks).  The site visits should help bring a tangible aspect to the framework and provide examples of existing best practices.  I'm especially looking forward to visiting the floating homes at Maasbommel!

Suzie: With this project I actually feel like an engineer.  I'm still trying to get the system set up and after a day of playing with a pump and trying to split the flow equally with little success I decided to seek help.  Frank had a great idea to buy a rectangular flower planter and use that as a constant flow source for a drip feed.  I'll add more pictures as I get further building the system.
Kristen: Here I am helping Raffaella and Denys with some batch experiments. We are looking at the role pH plays on metal-sulfide precipitation. The pH values being tested are 3, 5, and 7.

Anh: I was taking samples, playing around with the AnMBR and praying the sludge won't get over my body again :D. Actually the AnMBR system is running very smoothly right now. The system is being operated under start up conditions and will be fully operated after a week from now (as expected).

Anton: I am concerned that the pH meter is actually trying to give me hard time, so I am putting it through its paces. My experiments are running very well, and I am anxious to process my recently attained data for my first batch experiment. It seems as though I have made a small discovery, and I am excited to document it!

-the 2011 team-

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