Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Set up complete!

My project is up and running!  It still isn’t without its hick-ups such as: a tube coming disconnected last night and depriving one of my panels of influent for the evening, one of my channels doesn’t seem to be producing any effluent, my homemade grey water only having a COD of 100 mg/L instead of the 300 mg/L I wanted, or my flow rates not staying constant over a few hour period but instead slowing down or stopping.

Ah, the joys of experimentation.  Nothing ever goes as planned and if it does you’re looking for the lightning that must be about to strike you down.  I know my fellow lab mates can relate the trials and tribulations of lab work.

But we all must enjoy the small successes.  So today I am immensely happy that my 16 inch long flower boxes full of about 5 inches of water only supported by 5 flat head screws in a Styrofoam like material are still standing and have been for over 5 days now.

And here are some pictures so you all too can enjoy.

You can see the flower boxes uncovered and sort of see the screws supporting them underneath.

The black plastic is to keep rainwater out from my homemade grey water feed.  It rains frequently in Holland...

A whole picture view of my set-up.


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