Monday, June 20, 2011

Randomly ranting....

I haven't got back to the blog for a week or so. Last week was a pretty short because last monday was a holiday in EU. And  I also was so busy with lab work and revising my dissertation. My experiment was not really good last week. The rain gauge chip was corroded. The rain gauge box could not be resealed. The bottom tube (next to the pump) was loose and I lost all the sludge from the reactor. Anyway, it was not a really good week for me tho. I was so frustrated because of all that. It's like after you had done a lot of work then you lost everything in just a second. But at the end of the week, I could fix all of those problem and then life was getting better.
Last week, I also attended the first seminar ( this seminar is like EWER in USF) in IHE. The talk was given by Dr. Murhier about water supply and management in Uganda. It's a pretty interesting talk. His experience sharing would be very good for the third world countries in water supply.
We spent together  last Sunday in Brugge. It was a really good time for us after a hard working week. Brugge is a small city but it's very historical. The Brugge's centre is a prominent world heritage site of Unesco. Some pictures of the city will be posted very shortly after this...
I think that should be it for this blog.
ohh one more thing I want to say never use or buy a sim card from Ortel NL because it's really bad and you won't be able or have a tough time to use it outside of the NL

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