Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The saga continues...

 My vegetative walls when through some more modifications last week.  I've been having problems with my effluent, specifically a lack of effluent in some of my columns.  The water goes in the top and doesn't seem to come out the bottom at least not the way I want it to.  In attempt to solve this problem I added some plastic inserts to the bottom of my panels.  Hopefully they will sort of keep the panel from absorbing the influent and channel it out of the soil.  So far it hasn't been as successful as I would like but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

*Update* As of Tuesday I had effluent from 7 of 8 columns a significant improvement over my previous 5 of 8.

You can see at the bottom there are white pieces of plastic extending from the bottom.  I also added some rope to stabilize the whole panel.  There was a incident on Friday...

Here you can see more clearly the plastic.  It goes up a few centimeters into the panel to prevent water spreading from the soil to the rock wool.


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