Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'll drink to that

I came to the Netherlands a non coffee drinker.  It was an acquired taste I never bothered to acquire.  But it is everywhere here and I could not escape it.  The Netherlands is one of the greatest consumers of coffee in the world (I'm pretty sure the Dutch bleed coffee).  Besides being extremely available it is also fairly inexpensive to go out for coffee.  You can easily get a cappuccino for between 2 and 3 euro ($3-4.50).  Then of course at IHE there is the free coffee machine so it’s hard to say no there.  I think the real appeal though is that sometimes when you buy a coffee they give you either chocolate or a cookie with it.  I’m still not convinced coffee tastes good but a cookie dipped in coffee is delicious.  So I’ll drink the coffee just for that.

This was actually my third cup on Saturday...


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