Monday, July 4, 2011

Floating Perceptions

It's easy to hear a concept like "floating buildings" and think of it as just that, a concept. However, there are many examples in the Netherlands that are occupied and in use. I feel that there is a major difference between reading about floating buildings and experiencing them.

Floating Pavilion currently in Rotterdam - a free-floating structure.  It's easily moveable too!
A common first thought is that a floating structure will act like a boat, moving up and down with every wave. Site visits show that this is not the case.

I don't feel a thing...

Giant moorings keep it from drifting away
Both the floating pavillion and floating neighborhood look like they have no movement at all and feel like being on solid ground.  Each uses a different method for floatation. The floating pavilion in Rotterdam sits on FlexBase, an EPS material. The material provides the buoyancy for the structure. The neighborhood at Ijburg uses open concrete boxes to float.

It's kind of like a basement... an extremely leak-resistant basement
Being inside a floating structure makes you realize it's more than feasible.

One of two walkways to reach the pavilion
Why two?
They make the pavilion accesible at varying tidal levels

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