Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What To Expect?

Author: Hong Ting (Sam) Chiu

Am I ready for the Netherlands? Um, I would say I am physically ready and mentally half-way there.

I have started my "packing" process since last week; however, there is always something in the way to obstruct me from the victory. With the time crunching down, I finally finished packing and checked off every item on my to-pack list. So, the physical stuff and myself are all ready to go (hoping I am not missing something...).

Although this trip is not my first time to travel outside the US, it is the first to the Europe. Therefore, I am pretty excited about this trip. Also, the area of study on arsenic removal with iron oxide is a quite broad topic; not having an exact topic/role at UNESCO-IHE has made a little worry. However, I believe the training sessions with Dr. Trotz and Mr. Douglas Oti (USF PhD Student) have strengthen my skills and prepared me for this challenge; and the upcoming meeting with Dr. Petrusevski and his research team shall provide necessary details for the assignment for the following 10 weeks.

With the 10 weeks of time, I expected myself to, at least, meet a few goals. First, I would like to expand my knowledge on the mechanism of arsenic removal for the drinking water source and to apply these into the real world, so that more people can afford to have safe drinking water; second, I would like to have interaction with UNESCO-IHE faculty and students, so as to learn the theoretical knowledge, lab skills, and the innovative thought on developing and solving a (research) problem; third, I would like to widen my eyes on the Dutch infrastructure on the prevention of natural disaster and to consider any possible applications in US for the futures; last, but not least, I would like to learn, interact, and experience the local Dutch language and culture.

I wish I can achieve the set goals and be smooth on the assignment over there (not as much obstrution as packing :P ); yet, still have the time to enjoy and learn about the locals.

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