Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meetings & Tour At UNESCO-IHE

Author: Hong Ting (Sam) Chiu

After a day off, we are back on track to the real work. We scheduled some meetings and tour at UNESCO-IHE in hope to further refine our research topics and familiar ourselves around the research environment.

Dipesh, Andrew, and Dr. Yeh had a meeting at UNESCO-IHE.

Dr. Yeh, Duncan, and I met with Dr. Petrusevski and Valentine, Dr. Petrusevski's PhD student. We considered the topics to revolve around the removal of heavy metals (such as arsenic, copper, chromium, etc.) in water with the use of iron-oxide-coated sand. Dr. Petrusevski explained that the iron-oxide-coated sand is generated as a "waste" at the water treatment in the Netherlands; this material could be recovered and used as the adsorptive materials in heavy metals removal. Our experiments could be carried out in the batch experiment and the rapid column test. However, due to time constraint, we might limit the scope of the topic to a specific metal, a specific parameter (such as pH, the effect of adsorption with the present of other metals, the variation of adsorptive materials, etc.), and a specific experimental method (either the batch or the column). Overall, I would say this is the most productive meeting we have thus far on the topic.

Group picture.
(L to R: Dr. Petrusevski, Valentine, me, and Duncan).

The iron-oxide-coated sand.

Andrew, Dr. Amy's PhD student, also provided a tour around the lab. We are all amused when he told us that they have dedicated lab staff to maintain and calibrate the equipments. I think USF needs to hire some lab staff too :P

Andrew showed us around the lab.

Large scale column rack.

AA machine.


After all the meetings and tour, I decided to go around the Delft on my own. The town is just too pretty to miss.

Street performers.

Horse-drawn ride.

The theater.

Central market.

Legermuseum (Army museum).

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