Monday, May 25, 2009

Florida Delegations' Exposure Course

Author: Hong Ting (Sam) Chiu

The Florida-Holland Connection team arrived the Netherlands for the Water Management in the Netherlands exposure course. These Florida delegations are here to learn how the Dutch manage their water; to learn how they face the problem of climate change; to compare the Dutch challenges with Florida's; and to observe the Dutch minds and approaches.

We joined them this morning for the introduction and the presentation. Professor Bart Schultz presented on "Water Management and Flood Protection in the Netherlands". He talked about the geographic situation of the Netherlands, the strategies of water management, and the structure of the Water Boards. It was informative and I believed that it has provided a strong background on the water management in the Netherlands.

The Florida delegations.

The Florida delegations.

Robert and Dipesh at the presentation.

Professor Schultz's presentation.

The Florida delegations visited the Ministry in Den Hagg. We were unable to join them because we had schedule a lab safety training with Mr. Fred Kruis, the Head of the UNESCO-IHE Lab, and meetings with our UNESCO-IHE mentors for topic discussion. However, we will join them on Tuesday and Wednesday (May 26-27) for their field trip. I cannot wait to see the Maeslantkering, which is the largest man-made moving structure, and the Oosterschelde Storm Surge Barrier.

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