Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gl-AnMBR under Dutch conditions: an interdisciplinary approach between engineers and wizards


One of the most gratifying activities that you can do in Delft, and in the Netherlands in general, is biking. Right after work last Friday Ivy, Laurel and I took a bike ride to a beautiful park in Delft called "Delftse Hout". This park is right at the edge of the city limits and comprehends hectares of gorgeous land surrounding a lake. Biking in this park was a great pleasure. It was so pleasant that we forgot about the park limits and continued biking north up to the Hague's outer area. So many pretty spots in the way, sheeps, faissans, a wind mill, other lakes. No wonder why people around here don't really know about stress. How can you be stressed out with a landscape like this?. Of course, we are in summer time and it's a completely different story during winter.

 (Outer area of the Hague... preeeeetty!)

By now you might think all we do here is eating and traveling, but there is another activity that occupies the remaining 10% of the time (I'm just kidding Dr. Yeh). A major part of my research at IHE is to build a similar membrane set up as the one I have at USF and to run it under different operational conditions... Dutch conditions. So far, I've been successful on building the set up but the work is just starting. You see, Dutch conditions are a little rough in the edges. I was very spoiled back at the USF lab where I had all the supplies I could possibly think of to make my configuration more efficient. Under Dutch conditions however, I have to work with what is available since there is a major constrain of time in the research program. I have to say that lately I've been missing my lab more than ever, but at the same time I think I've become better at pulling rabbits out of hats and converting water into wine. I also want to acknowledge the very helpful IHE lab staff without which I couldn't have become the aprentice magician I am now. Being this said, I'm ready to test my set up, which is a great achievement since I only have 8 more weeks to go (WOW!).

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