Monday, June 7, 2010

Black or white... or red, yellow, blue, green, etc.

I wonder if Michael Jackson or Benetton ever got a real international encounter such as the one I recently experienced. A herd of very hungry people sits in a BBQ restaurant with the aim to take advantage of the special of the day, unlimited ribs for 10 euro. Thirteen people of 13 different countries sitting down in a wooden table with one, and only one thing in their minds... MEAT!. Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Guatemala, Surinam, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Portugal, Italia, China, Macedonia and Tailand-Norway (born in Tailand, raised in Norway) united by a delicious Dutch pork. No wonder why the Hague is the judicial capital of the United Nations. You must have a very nice rack of ribs to gain the attention of the world.
If you have noticed, a common factor among the bloggers on this column is the food. As I mentioned in previous blogs, going to the market is a very interesting experience. The adventure of finding what you like to eat with little knowledge of the Dutch language. I personally enjoy dark chocolate covered raisins very much and I've had several failed attempts in the search of them. But last week, I got it right!. After browsing the aisle of the grocery store for the the 100th time, there they were... waiting for me. It was a very satisfactory moment; in fact it was more than that. Compared to this covered raisins, Raisinets will cry out of disgrace. See with your own eyes how one of these raisins look like.

 (Dutch raisinet, the tip of my finger is used as a reference of the raisin size)

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