Friday, April 30, 2010

Passing of the torch

The 2010 is in place and ready to depart next week. Last week, We Were Able to bring back the 2009 team for a reunion and a mentoring session with the 2010 team for advice and knowledge transfer. It was great. The students are (lr), with affiliations and Their status or ash Each year's program:

2009 team: Sam Chiu (BS, CEE), Michael Gerdjikian (BS, CEE), Robert Bair (BS, ES & P), Dipesh Dey (Ph.D., CEE), Wendy Musso Line (PhD, GH, team leader ).

2010 team: Ana Prieto (Ph.D., CEE, team leader), Deanna Shapiro (BS, CEE), Audrey Buttice (PhD, ChBE), Ivy Cormier (MS, CEE), Laurel Rowse (PCMI, CEE), Ken Thomas (Ph.D., CEE)

CEE - Civil & Environmental Engineering
ES & P - Environmental Science & Policy
GH - Global Health
ChBE - Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
PCMI - Peace Corps Masters International Program

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